Development of a Level 3 Diploma for Bulk Storage Operators

Against the backdrop of industry demand, Reynolds Training Services and PAA\VQ-SET have developed a new Level 3 Diploma for a Bulk Storage Operator (Technician).


Whilst there is currently a range of standalone qualifications on the market, Reynolds Training Services Managing Director, John Reynolds, explained how they “didn’t fully address the Bulk Storage Operator role at a level 3 standard”.


“So we decided it was high time to meet that demand,” John added. The Tank Storage Association, PAA\VQ-SET and industry provided excellent guidance and feedback to ensure that standards were written in the appropriate context and structured correctly.


Initially, the intention was to link the new Diploma directly into an Apprenticeship programme but, through discussion with the industry, it became apparent that a standalone version would also be beneficial. This would be tailored to more experienced Operational Personnel, who will need to demonstrate the same competencies as those new Operators who will, by default, gain this qualification as part of their apprenticeship.


The benefits to businesses will come in the form of greater efficiency and safety, thanks to a more precisely skilled workforce. “This is fantastic news for our clients in the industry, new entrants embarking on their careers and those currently working within the sector,” said John Reynolds.

Explaining how the Level 3 Diploma would help foster career progression, Mr Reynolds continued: “It gives a clearer progression route for Operational Personnel and could lead to higher levels in organisations - such as supervisory and management roles.”


The qualification focuses on Process and Occupational Safety, Human Factors, Emergency Response and Technical Operations – in short, it addresses the responsibilities, regulations, complex operations and advanced technology that are part and parcel of the day-to-day business of Bulk Storage.

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