Performing Engineering Operations





These occupational competence qualifications will provide learners with knowledge and skills in a broad range of engineering competencies and support work within a range of engineering disciplines related to the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering sectors.


Engineering operatives work in industries ranging from automotive and electronics manufacturing, to petrochemicals and transport. Work would be likely to involve using a variety of hand and machine tools; and tasks could range from making parts on a production line to carrying out maintenance work.


Qualification Content


The qualifications contain Mandatory Units covering generic knowledge and skills including working safely, carrying out engineering activities efficiently and effectively and using and communicating technical information.


At Level 2 there are two pathways: Engineering Practices or Technical Support. Dependent on the chosen pathway learners must complete Optional Units covering a wide range of engineering disciplines.


Who Can Take these Qualifications?


The Level 1 and 2 qualifications are intended for learners who are new entrants to the Engineering sector and wish to develop their knowledge and skills to enable safe progression into the workplace/employment.


The Level 2 qualification will also benefit learners who are already in employment within an Engineering environment but require additional knowledge and skills as part of an existing job role or to enable career progression.


There are no prerequisites to achieve these qualifications which may be achieved in a simulated environment.


Available Qualifications


  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 1 NVQ Certificate in Performing Engineering Operations - 501/0495/0

  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations - 601/1785/0


Potential Job Roles


Learners may be employed, or seeking employment, within job roles, such as:


  • Engineering Operative

  • Process Operator


Apprenticeship Frameworks


The Level 2 qualification sits in the following Apprenticeship Frameworks:


  • Improving Operational Performance, Level 2 - England and Wales

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