Meteorological Observing and Forecasting





These occupational competence qualifications will provide learners with the knowledge and skills to work in Meteorology and Weather Forecasting.


Meteorologists monitor the weather and collect information to provide weather forecasts and forecast data to a range of customers.


Qualification Content


The qualifications cover monitoring the weather and recording observations, preparing forecasts and forecast data, including flood forecasting, and communicating meteorological data to customers.


Who Can Take these Qualifications?


The Level 3 qualification is intended for learners who are new entrants to the Meteorology sector and wish to develop their knowledge and skills to enable safe progression into the workplace/employment.


The qualifications will also benefit learners who are already in employment within a Meteorological or Weather Forecasting environment but require additional knowledge and skills as part of an existing job role or to enable career progression.


There are no prerequisites to achieve these qualifications but they must be achieved in the workplace.


Available Qualifications


  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 5 Award in Meterological Briefing - 603/2868/X

  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 5 Diploma in Meteorological Forecasting - 603/2867/8

  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 3 Diploma in Meteorological Observing - 601/5052/X

  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 5 Diploma in Operational Hydrometeorology - 601/0757/1

  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 6 Diploma in Operational Hydrometeorology and Flood Forecasting - 601/5050/6


Potential Job Roles


Learners may be employed, or seeking employment, within job roles, such as:


  • Meteorologist

  • Weather Forecaster


Professional Recognition


The Royal Meteorological Society offers two professional accreditation schemes Registered Meteorologist (RMet) and Chartered Meteorologist (CMet). Members of the Royal Meteorological Society who achieve the Meteorological Forecasting, Level 5 should satisfy the knowledge, experience and judgement requirements to achieve CMet status. Members who achieve the Meteorological Observing, Level 3 would go part way to meeting these requirements.


Apprenticeship Frameworks


These qualifications are not in an Apprenticeship Framework.

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