Processing Industries Operations Level 2 at Innospec

Innospec Limited is a global specialty chemicals company and works in a range of industries across the world, operating in markets from oilfields, fuels, refineries and power stations to personal care.


Paul Henderson, PC2 Plant Manager, at the PAA\VQ-SET Approved Centre based in Ellesmere Port explains how and why they use the Processing Industries Operations qualifications:

"Since the PC2 Silicone Plant started full production in 2017, we have been working towards developing a competence Operational Evidence Portfolio. This level of competence will satisfy all needs of the operations and compliance."


"Training and developing the operators to the highest level is critical for the future of the plant, resulting in providing new products as per Customer requirements, in a timely manner."


PAA\VQ-SET External Verifier, David Jenkins, said: “I was impressed by the comprehensive nature and detailed content of the recent Processing Industries Operations Evidence Portfolios of Paul Collins and Peter Reynolds."

"Developed around the manufacturing operations, process operating instructions and support tasks in this new PC2 Silicones Plant on the Innospec Limited, Ellesmere Port Site."


"The Portfolios that were developed by Paul Henderson with input from the Candidates and verified by Dave Clarke easily met the requirements of the Level 2 qualification."


"I was happy to recommend that they be awarded the qualification by PAA\VQ-SET. Well done to both Candidates and the Assessment Team.”


Learner Peter Reynolds commented: "Working towards my NVQ has been extremely satisfying, being involved in the whole process of the plant development gave me a strong knowledge of the processes involved. It also helped the team as we worked to improve the process of manufacturing and keeping the high level of housekeeping standards required in this process."


"Putting forward ideas to the plant manager Paul Henderson and having his support with developing our training plan has created a great working environment.”

L to R: Dave Bailey, Site Manufacturing Manager; Paul Henderson, PC2 Plant Manager; Paul H Collins, PC2 Operator; Peter Reynolds, PC2 Operator; David Jenkins, PAA\VQ-SET External Verifier and David Nicholls, UK Site Director.



Learner Paul H Collins commented: “I was part of the development of the plant from the start, helping the plant manager Paul Henderson with developing manufacturing processes and operating procedures. This was all part of the challenge to develop a plant that could manufacture personal care silicone products with a high level of housekeeping. The training pack that I was involved in with Paul to develop was extremely helpful when creating new product procedures.”

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