Downstream Operations





These occupational competence qualifications will provide learners with the knowledge and skills to work in

a range of roles within field and control room operations in the Downstream Industry.


Qualification Content


These qualifications contain Mandatory Units covering generic knowledge and skills including working safely, responding to incidents and working in a team, plus starting up, monitoring and shutting down equipment. 


Who Can Take these Qualifications?


These qualifications are intended for learners who are already in employment and are likely to be experienced operators but require additional knowledge and skills as part of an existing job role or to enable career progression.


There are no prerequisites to achieve these qualifications but they must be achieved in the workplace.


Available Qualifications


  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 3 Diploma in Downstream Control Room Operations - 500/6695/X

  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 3 Diploma in Downstream Field Operations - 500/6693/6


Potential Job Roles


Learners may be employed, or seeking employment, within job roles, such as:


  • Downstream Field Operator / Technician

  • Process Operator

  • Refinery Control Room Operator / Technician


Apprenticeship Frameworks


These qualifications sit in the following Apprenticeship Frameworks:


  • Process Manufacturing, Level 3 - England (framework withdrawn) and Wales


PAA\VQ-SET Centres can access the Qualification Detail via the Centre Support Area >> 

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