Customer Service

PAA\VQ-SET is passionate about providing excellent customer service, support and expertise to our network of Centres.


We aim to provide qualifications that recognise individual achievement and are valued by employers and providers in the UK and internationally.


We are responsive, flexible, professional and supportive to our centres and learners.


We are committed to continuous improvement and are ISO accredited.


Support for Centres

To help you to deliver PAA\VQ-SET qualifications effectively, we will:


  • allocate you an External Verifier who will visit at least once a year to provide support and sample learners’ portfolios

  • process centre approvals within 10 working days of the approval visit

  • process verification visit reports within 10 working days of receipt

  • provide contact details for your allocated External Verifier and our customer service team

  • send you regular email news updates

  • acknowledge or respond to phone messages, emails or letters within ten working days of receipt

  • process learner registrations and certifications within 15 working days of receipt

  • proactively seek feedback on our products and services so we can continue to improve the service we offer to our centres

  • provide an informative and accessible website where you can download our publications free of charge

  • publish our fees in a clear format with no hidden charges

  • provide a range of training and networking events for centres


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