Bulk Storage Operator (Technician)





This qualification has been designed to provide recognition of the technical / supervisory knowledge, understanding and performance of those working at Technician level within a Bulk Storage Operations Environment and Downstream Sector.


This qualification is designed to accommodate the current expected level of responsibility, autonomy, control and self-supervision required by High Hazard Downstream sector operational technicians. It also accommodates the enhanced complexity of plant, associated equipment, operational requirement augmentation and system functionality essential for safe site operations within the High Hazard Downstream sector.


Learners who achieve this qualification will have attained and demonstrated the current optimum level of knowledge, understanding and performance of competence for complex operations within the Bulk Storage Downstream sector, at Technician Level. Progression from this qualification promotes further development and advancement into both supervisory and management roles / responsibilities.


Qualification Content


The qualification contains Mandatory Units covering generic knowledge and skills including working safely, plus a number of other competencies including starting up, operating and shutting down plant and equipment, managing product transfer information, managing quality, continous improvement and emergency response. Additional Units may be taken but are not required for the qualification.


Who Can Take this Qualification?


This Diploma is aimed at operational personnel that have clear knowledge of the high hazard sector and its operational requirements. The learner needs to understand how to effectively operate and control bulk storage operations within their own area of responsibility. These learners will have a high level of autonomy within their work role and, as such, will be responsible for operational control, safety assurance, hazard recognition, self-supervision and technical functionality of plant and associated equipment.


There are no prerequisites to achieve this qualification but it must be achieved in the workplace.


Available Qualifications


  • PAA\VQ-SET Level 3 Diploma in Bulk Storage Operator (Technician) - 603/3630/4


Potential Job Roles


Learners may be employed, or seeking employment, within job roles, such as:


  • Bulk Storage Operator / Technician within a Bulk Storage Operations Environment and Downstream Sector

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