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What are Apprenticeships?


Apprenticeships are structured programmes of training which give the learner the opportunity to work for an employer, learn on the job and build up knowledge and transferable skills. As employees, apprentices earn a wage and work alongside experienced staff to gain job-specific skills. Off the job, usually on a day-release basis, apprentices receive training to work towards nationally recognised qualifications.


Apprenticeships are designed by employers to make sure they are industry relevant; there may be different entry requirements depending on the Apprenticeship and the industry sector.


Apprenticeships are available at various levels and anyone over 16 and not in full-time education can apply. Apprenticeships can take between one and four years to complete depending on the level of Apprenticeship and the industry sector.


What are Trailblazers?


‘Trailblazer Apprenticeships’ are a new approach to Apprenticeships that give employers the opportunity to lead the development of new Apprenticeship standards. Each apprenticeship standard has an assessment plan produced by ‘trailblazers’ (employer-led groups that are developing the standards). The standards show what an apprentice will be doing and the skills required of them, by job role.


Types of Apprenticeships


PAA\VQ-SET's qualifications sit within Apprenticeship Frameworks covering a range of sectors including Improving Operational Performance, Laboratory and Science Technicians, Nuclear Working, Process Manufacturing and Signmaking.


Visit our Qualifications section to find out which qualifications are recognised in Apprenticeship Frameworks.


Want to Offer Apprenticeships?


PAA\VQ-SET offer nationally recognised, regulated qualifications that sit within Apprenticeship Frameworks. Becoming an approved PAA\VQ-SET Centre will enable you to offer these qualifications. If you are an employer, college or training provider find out how you can work with us.

How Can I Find Out More?


England and Wales


To find existing Apprenticeship Frameworks visit Apprenticeship Frameworks Online


To find out more about Apprenticeships visit the GOV.UK website


To find out about Apprenticeship standards visit the Institute for Apprenticeships


To find out more about taking on Apprentices visit the Find Apprenticeship Training website


To find out more about funding visit the Education and Skills Funding Agency






To find Modern Apprenticeship Frameworks visit Skills Development Scotland


To find details of Apprenticeships visit My World of Work


To find out what Apprentices themselves say about Apprenticeships visit Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland



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