Who We Are

PAA\VQ-SET is a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation offering over 100 specialist and niche vocational qualifications.


We are approved by UK Qualification Regulators; Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and SQA.


We work with over 150 employers, colleges and providers to ensure individuals develop the skills and knowledge to enter and progress within employment.


We can help you to upskill your workforce – ensuring your staff are competent, qualified and able to work effectively. 


What We Do

Our Customers

PAA\VQ-SET has been recognised as an approved Awarding Organisation since 1997; we are committed to providing qualifications that are relevant to the needs of employers and learners, and which provide the skills and knowledge needed for both business and individuals' successes.


Our qualifications are developed from, or related to, National Occupational Standards to ensure that they reflect the skills needed to work effectively in specialised industries.


Choosing the right qualifications benefits businesses by improving the skills of their employees and enables individuals to plan their career progression.

We actively seek feedback from our customers and we consistently receive positive feedback. We are delighted that 87% of our clients rate our service overall as excellent and 100% would recommend us to another business/training provider.


Recent customer feedback:


"Our External Verifier is easily contactable, always supportive of our needs and makes positive suggestions during visits and when contacted."


"Just keep up the good work, with a friendly welcoming voice on the end of the telephone and a quick response to email queries."


"PAA\VQ-SET is a very supportive and innovative organisation of which I feel a part."

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